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What we offer - Cross Cultural Training and more

Other Management

Finance for non financial managers

Finance for non financial managersDo you face problems:
- communicating with your colleagues from the accounting or finance department?
- understanding how and why your or your department's performance is measured by such financial data as revenues, costs and ratios?
- formulating and managing budgeting?
- understanding why the company's sales are improving, but cashflow seems to be at a standstill making it hard to make payments?
- knowing how to correctly use financial data to make strategic decisions?

This program is specifically designed for managers who may not have had relevant training in these areas and seek to improve their knowledge of accounting and finance management to be more effective managers.

This course is tailored specifically to suit the situation in your company, enabling you to adopt the company as a real case in learning and practicing using the tools and knowledge needed to ensure financial success as a manager.

By the end of the program you will gain the confidence to manage financial issues through
- exploring the language of finance,
- learning how to effectively use financial management tools and techniques
- developing effective means to communicate with your colleagues in the accounting and financial departments
- learning how to understand and interpret financial reports, evaluate investment proposals and the essentials of budgeting and costing
- investigating the links between management decisions and financial performance

Contact us for more information on how APA can help you and your organisation, with our existing courses or a tailor made program to suit your needs.

Project Management Training

Project Management TrainingAs a Project Manager, are you facing these challenges?

- Developing clear project goals and communicating these to project participants?
- Completing the project on time, given the problems with time constraints, scope changes, capital budgets and quality control?
- Knowing which project management techniques and tools should be adopted to best allocate project resources and control and implement projects?
- Minimizing risks to help ensure a successful project?
- Finding the right people to work with you on the project and effectively managing team members for better outcomes?
- Dealing with project shareholders and communicating with them effectively to reduce conflicts and pressures?

Applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities to meet the requirements of a project, project management is a critical skill that can be applied to any industry at any level within a small, medium or large organization. Our Project Management training provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge, tools and techniques they need to successfully lead and manage projects more effectively, on time and within budget.

The training includes both instruction and practical experience so that participants will be able to develop and utilize their project management skills in the real world.

You'll learn:
- The 10 critical issues in leading projects to success
- Project management frameworks and processes
- Project management tools and techniques and how to decide which to use in different situations
- How to use your newly developed people skills to effectively manage a project team and project stakeholders
- Essential skills in project time management and risk management

Contact us to find out more, book a course, or discuss a tailor made program to suit your needs.