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Moving to China

What we offer - Cross Cultural Training and more

Cross Cultural Living

Cross Cultural for Living

Cross Cultural for LivingFor Expats in China

-> Living in the Middle Kingdom

For Chinese Students preparing to Study Abroad

-> Be Culturally-Ready for Studying Overseas

For Western Teachers

-> Daily Living and Social Adjustment

Does this apply to you?

For Expatriates in China

➢ "I feel intimidated by life in China. Can you help me?"

➢ "I’m not used to having a maid or driver – how do I deal with them?"

➢ "Can you explain Chinese values to me?"

➢ "Am I going through Culture Shock?"

For Chinese Students going Overseas

➢ "I’m worried about how I am going to fit into my new university or school"

➢ "I’ve heard that Western learning and teaching styles are very different – how can I cope?"

➢ "I want to avoid offending my teachers/classmates and friends"

➢ "How do I avoid getting Culture Shock?"

APA can help you adjust smoothly and happily into your new environment and actually enjoy it!

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