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Moving to China
Our trainers - Cross cultural, China specialists

Cross Cultural Trainer, Beijing - Shelley Warner Shelley Warner has had 28 years of professional work experience outside her Australian homeland. She is the President of Asia Pacific Access Ltd incorporated in Beijing. She has been engaged for 23 years now in China in high level assessment of, and negotiation with, various Chinese state and non-state agencies, and in consulting and training.

Her first professional assignment to China began in January 1973. She served two terms as a diplomat in the Australian Embassy in Beijing, rising to the position of Counsellor - Economic and Political. In between other consultancy assignments, from 1998-2003 she managed a US$15 million capacity building/training program aimed at developing behaviours and procedures in Chinese national and provincial agencies which would improve the efficiency of their operations.

Shelley has served as a consultant on several DFID projects in China including the SW Basic Education Project and the ACWF-DFID Partnership (as British Council consultant).

She speaks very good Chinese and is an honours graduate (equiv to MA) in Chinese Studies from Melbourne University. English is her mother tongue.

Nationality: Australian

Cross Cultural Trainer, Beijing - Tony Voutas Tony Voutas has been working professionally for 37 years outside his Australian homeland in Asia and the Pacific. He has been training others and consulting in China for 21 years now, including on many development assistance projects. He is the managing director of Asia Pacific Access Pty Ltd which has a wholly-owned subsidiary incorporated in Beijing.

He brings to his cross-cultural training for China a professional and personal knowledge of 28 of China's provinces, four and a half years experience in the highly multi-cultural Asian Development Bank in the Philippines, 15 years sociological and political work in Papua New Guinea, and an academic specialization in Asian Studies (Australian National University). Also of relevance to the British Council, he has had four years experience working in Beijing and Canberra for the Development Studies Centre of the Australian National University (similar to IDSS at Sussex University). His experience was recognized by the local Australian business community when they elected him to be the Chairperson of the Australia-China Chamber of Commerce in Beijing for the 2003-2004 term.

He has a working knowledge of Chinese and his mother tongue is English

Nationality: Australian

Cross Cultural Trainer, Beijing - Song Hong Song Hong is an experienced program facilitator and manager with over 16 years in business education fields, including served as the Chief Representative to China for 8 years first for the Mt Eliza Business School (ranked by the Financial Times as the best provider of Executive Education in the Asia Pacific) and second for Mt Eliza BS’s new owner - the Melbourne Business School (MBS) as part of Melbourne University, Australia.

Prior to joining Mt Eliza/MBS, she was a syndicate leader and lecturer at the Sino-Australia Management Training Centre for senior executives of China’s non-ferrous metals State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) where over 3000 such executives were trained.

She holds a MBA degree from Monash University in Australia and has travelled to many countries to assess cultural differences. In a cross-culture training program, as a Chinese person, she delivers her broad local and international experiences and knowledge to participants.

She speaks very good English. Chinese is her mother tongue.

Nationality: Chinese