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Moving to China


Make the most of your time in China. Survive and thrive.

Our Settling-In program gives clients a soft and happy landing. Delivered by our Counselors, who themselves understand the challenges and opportunities of living in China, we give clients the tools to help them adjust to a successful life in China and provide pathways for them to really enjoy their time here. Regardless of whether the client requires assistance with practical issues, such as hiring domestic help or leasing a car and driver, or pursuing personal interests such as sports or charity work, our Counselors help clients deal with ‘the China factor’, with advice and tips on how to get things done with minimum frustration.

Tenancy Management

Now that we’ve helped you find the right home, allow us to keep things in good shape.

Our tenancy management services lasts throughout the tenancy period. We coordinate rental and utility payments, organize and monitor maintenance and repair work, and facilitate the resolution of problems and complaints. All services are carefully recorded for easy reporting and referencing.

Lease Negotiations & Renewals

Found your dream home on your own? We’ll take care of the paperwork.

Our Lease Negotiation service, normally included as part of Home Finding, is also available as a separate service. Our relocation staff has significant real estate experience and can effectively negotiate lease terms, review lease agreements, and arrange initial payments.

Once a lease nears expiry, APA can assist to ensure that a renewal is carried out. The main elements of the service includes negotiating necessary repairs and additional items into the renewal contract, renegotiate lease terms based on the prevailing market conditions, and process the contract for signature and payment by all parties.

Spouse Support

China offers boundless opportunities for spouses too.

At APA, we believe that a China assignment should be a rewarding experience for the entire family, and not just for the working spouse. We have seen that the successful adaptation of the family is one of the critical factors in determining the success of a posting. The accompanying spouse usually bears the responsibility of establishing a comfortable domestic environment and this can be a huge challenge in China. Through APA's Spouse Support program, we assist accompanying spouse by equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to create a meaningful and enriching life in China. This program focuses on identifying the individual needs of the non-employed spouse, and determining what they need and what they would like to achieve, to make the China assignment a positive experience. We then work with them individually to develop a plan to help meet their interests and needs, and assist every step of the way in meeting their objectives. Our Spouse Support service is available as a separate service or as part of a wider relocation package.

Ongoing Support

Access to APA’s knowledge and expertise is just an email or telephone call away.

Our Ongoing Support service is available to clients throughout the length of their assignment and includes information support available by email/telephone, and an emergency hotline for assistance in resolving emergency situations. Ongoing Support services are available during normal office hours.